Deal Alert: THE SECRET OF THE RAVENS by Joanna Cacao to Etch (HMH Kids)

So excited to announce that we sold Joanna Cacao’s THE SECRET OF THE RAVENS to Etch an imprint of HMH Kids! Planned release is for the fall of 2023. Be sure to add it to your GoodReads.

THE LEGEND OF KORA meets Netflix’s The Dragon Prince. In this Filipino-inspired middle-grade fantasy, when his twin sister is poisoned after a dangerous quest, Elliot, a homeless kid, will stop at nothing to save her.

After the death of their parents, homeless twins Elliot and Liza travel to the kingdom’s capital to hunt Raven Quests—magical tasks that will earn them money when successfully completed. But the King hates the poor, and after the twins are shunned for their obvious vagrancy, Elliot recklessly hunts down a perilous quest, hoping for a big purse. When Liza is poisoned by a giant and deadly Titan Snake, Elliot seeks the mysterious mage that created the Raven Quests for help. The mage’s motivation isn’t to help, and Elliot will need to choose between saving his sister or his freedom.

Joanna Cacao is a Canadian Filipino with a background in 3D Animation. She has taught classes in Manga and Comics and is an illustrator for the Native Winnipeg-based educational company Native Reflections. Her illustration work can be seen in multiple picture books, including THE LITTLE SISTERS series (Native Reflections, 2021), THE BANNOCK BUN MYSTERY (Native Reflections, 2021), and AJHA’S PICTURE DAY (Native Reflections, 2021).