2020 Will be a Good Year

I’m starting 2020 with a new outlook.

Previous years have not treated me well (at least in my home life), and the second half of 2019 started looking up–on a personal and professional note. So, I am declaring 2020 to be a good year.

My mantra this year is, “speak it out loud, and it shall happen.” I’ll be working on talking about positivity and saying the things I want to happen. No more, “I can’t do this” or “I’m terrible at this.” Sort of like “fake it till you make it,” but I won’t be faking it. I am good at everything I put my mind to, and I will only get better.

Something that helped with this realization was a tarot reading I did for myself New Year Eve for the coming year.

Tarot for me is about looking within yourself, finding your intuition, and using the cards to help interpret that intuitive energy. When I have others read for me, I believe they are picking up on my energy. They use their own fine-tuned intuition to understand what I am having trouble doing myself.

I wanted to share my tarot reading, or at least part of it, with you.

Middle card is from The Raven Prophecy deck by Maggie Stiefvater, the two decks that create the circle are Antique Anatomy Tarot and Oracle of Oddities, both by Claire Goodchild, the final outer deck is the Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle by Siolo Thompson.

Mostly I want to focus on that middle card, my “theme of the year” card, The High Priestess. I get this card a LOT. So much so, that my partner, who is not really into tarot, mentioned how much I got that card when I told him. Lol.

The High Priestess is telling me that this year I will need to look within. Focus on me and what I can do for myself, not to worry about things out of my control. Our world is kind of in a sucky place right now. I can’t do much about that, but I can do what is within my power to help. Stay positive, VOTE, help others any way I can and be a good person.

The cards to the north, south, east, and west of the circle are personal. Dreams, career, relationship, travel, etc. Mostly these cards are telling me to enjoy life, material things are not needed, take time for myself, and trust myself.

The other cards that are in each corner are my spring, summer, winter, fall cards. These cards also match my theme for the year. Take time for me, trust myself, don’t be negative, etc.

With this reading and after a discussion with my partners, I felt that 2020 needed to be the year to stay positive. Work on being a light in a dark time, and I hope you will join me.

All My Best,