Welcome Colin Dory!

I’m excited to introduce my new client, Colin Dory!

I was technically supposed to be on vacation when I read Colin’s middle-grade fantasy, but I could not put it down and was mad at my mom every time she wanted to do something. I’m so happy to represent this beautiful book.

Colin’s manuscript is a middle-grade version of AMERICAN GODS for those who love the movie Spirited Away.

You’ll love it if you like:

  • Studio Ghibli movies like Spirited Away
  • Trickster gods like Loki!
  • Brother and sister tender moments
  • Beautiful world-building
  • Commercial hooks with a literary bent
  • A touch of gore
  • LGBTQ+ rep.

Colin Dory writes stories with an LGBTQ+ bent and has eternal sympathy for the monster. He is from the Pacific Northwest, recently returned after ten years of teaching abroad in China and Japan.