Welcome Rebecca Ollerton!

I’m excited to introduce my new client, Rebecca Ollerton!

When I saw Bex’s online comics come across my Twitter feed, I reached out to her right away. They were so relatable and I love her art so much. I’m so happy she chose me to help her grow her career. I can’t wait for you all to see her graphic novel!

Isn’t this cute!! Look at us. So happy. 🙂

Rebecca Ollerton is a former animator turned comic artist. She writes and illustrates introspective comics about mental health, neurodiversity, and the general struggles of being a human in an overwhelming world. In an attempt to alleviate the pressures of that overwhelming world, she currently lives in the English countryside with five hundred sheep and fifteen dogs. Rebecca is known for telling stories that convey an emotional truth and her aim is to raise awareness of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and neurodiversity through her work. When she’s not drawing or writing, she enjoys playing piano and taking care of far too many house plants. You can find her work on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook under the handle Schnumn.

Welcome CG Drews!

I’m excited to introduce my new client, CG Drews!

CG’s writing literally took my breath away. I stayed up until 2 AM so I could finish the manuscript ASAP and offer her rep. I’m excited to bring more of her books into the world.

CG’s manuscript is a contemporary YA with speculative elements and will appeal to fans of Jandy Nelson’s I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN and Holly Black’s THE DARKEST PART OF THE FOREST.

You’ll love it if you like:

  • Boarding schools
  • Neurodiversity
  • Messy teenage feelings
  • Lyrical prose
  • Macabre art
  • Fairtales
  • LGBTQ+ rep.

C.G. Drews is the author of A THOUSAND PERFECT NOTES (Hachette UK) and THE BOY WHO STEALS HOUSES (Hachette UK). Her work has been translated into five languages, and she was nominated for the 2020 CILIP Carnegie Medal.

Welcome Joanna Cacao!

I’m excited to introduce my new client, Joanna Cacao!

As soon as I saw Joanna’s illustrations, I was hooked. I offered her representation as soon as I could. Her graphic novel is such a unique and wonderful blend of fantasy with Filipino culture. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Joanna Cacao is a Canadian Filipino with a background in 3D Animation. She has taught classes in Manga and Comics and is an illustrator for the Native Winnipeg-based educational company Native Reflections. Her illustration work can be seen in multiple picture books, including THE LITTLE SISTERS series, THE BANNOCK BUN MYSTERY, and AJHA’S PICTURE DAY.

Welcome Colin Dory!

I’m excited to introduce my new client, Colin Dory!

I was technically supposed to be on vacation when I read Colin’s middle-grade fantasy, but I could not put it down and was mad at my mom every time she wanted to do something. I’m so happy to represent this beautiful book.

Colin’s manuscript is a middle-grade version of AMERICAN GODS for those who love the movie Spirited Away.

You’ll love it if you like:

  • Studio Ghibli movies like Spirited Away
  • Trickster gods like Loki!
  • Brother and sister tender moments
  • Beautiful world-building
  • Commercial hooks with a literary bent
  • A touch of gore
  • LGBTQ+ rep.

Colin Dory writes stories with an LGBTQ+ bent and has eternal sympathy for the monster. He is from the Pacific Northwest, recently returned after ten years of teaching abroad in China and Japan.

Welcome Lee Mandelo!

I’m excited to introduce my new client, Lee Mandelo!

I read Lee’s manuscript after liking their pitch during a #DVPit event in April 2019 and fell in love instantly. I’m super excited to have Lee as a client and cannot wait for the future.

Their manuscript is a queer Southern Gothic novel that will appeal to fans of Adam Silvera, Maggie Stiefvater, and Donna Tartt.

You’ll love it if you like:

  • Fast cars
  • Disaster gays
  • Hauntings
  • “I’m not gay… oh wait”
  • Dark academia
  • The south
  • Curses

Lee Mandelo is a writer, critic, occasional editor, and past nominee for various awards, including the Nebula, Lambda, and Hugo. Their work has been published in magazines such as Tor.com, Uncanny Magazine, Clarkesworld, and Nightmare. Fields of interest include speculative fiction and queer literature, especially when the two coincide.