I prefer writing styles that are accessible, grounded, and very character-driven. I love beautiful prose, but not so much that they take away from the story. I would say I’m drawn to voices with a literary bent to them for fantasy and horror. For fun, light-hearted books, I love very emotional and funny voices. 

Authors with writing styles I love are Maggie Stiefvater, Victoria/V.E Schwab, Rick Riordan, Casey McQuiston, all for very different reasons. They all have the perfect voice for the books they write. 

Here are the age categories I’m open to and what I’m looking for:

For Middle-Grade and Young Adult:

  • #ownvoices RomCom’s. Queer, BIPOC, neurodiversity, body diversity, people with disabilities–I want to amplify these voices. 
  • Bring back the classics, but with a modern twist. I’d love to see new takes on classics, like Anne with an E does with ANNE OF GREEN GABLES.
  • Shakespearean retelling in all settings! Historical, fantasy, contemporary, sci-fi. Give it to me!
  • All kinds of mythology retellings. The ones no one does.
  • Chaotic characters like Villanelle or Loki.
  • Gothics! All of them. 
  • Mysteries in YA and MG like TRULY DEVIOUS.
  • Magical realism or contemporary fantasy. 
  • Light fantasy based off our world or with a more modern twist. Thinks SHADES OF MAGIC or A CURSE SO DARK AND LONELY.
  • Platonic love stories like Booksmart!
  • All speculative fiction.
  • Literary books with a commercial hook (think CIRCE and THE NIGHT CIRCUS).
  • A story revolving around puzzles, riddles, or games. Extra points for adding a sphinx. Preferably in YA or MG.
  • Kids going on adventures in their hometowns. Modern takes on Sandlot and the Goonies!
  • #ownvoice MG mythology and anything I can submit to Rick 
  • Graphic novels in anything above!

In General Fiction:

  • #ownvoices RomCom’s. Queer, BIPOC, neurodiversity, body diversity, people with disabilities–I want to amplify these voices. 
  • Romantic Comedies, but with a new twist or perspective. Example: diverse backgrounds, gender-bending, or a retelling of Shakespeare/fairy tales/myths. 
  • Modern fantasy with a literary bent like THE NIGHT CIRCUS.
  • Mythology retellings with a literary bent like CIRCE.
  • Magical realism or contemporary fantasy. 
  • Historical with LGBTQ+ characters.
  • Speculative fiction that I can submit to Tor and Tor.com! I’m basically in love with most of their list.
  • Underrepresented #ownvoice’s in everything. 

In Non-fiction:

  • Tarot proposals.
  • MG and YA spirituality, STEM, LGBTQ+ proposals.

Some really random and more specific requests:

  • Anything compared to an anime. 
  • Enemies to lovers all day long.
  • Anything with a sphinx in it (I’m obsessed).
  • Anything compared to Killing Eve or VICIOUS.
  • Queer Eye YA (graphic novel maybe?)
  • Bad-ass girls with cinnamon roll boys.
  • Body diversity!
  • Something with a similar feel to Tokyo Ghoul would be awesome.
  • Anything compared to Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki.

I’m not looking for:

  • Anything set in space or has aliens.
  • High fantasy–I don’t want a book that is 120K or longer that is all about world-building and plot. I prefer grounded and accessible fantasy. 
  • Political/military/crime thriller novels (especially in adult categories).
  • Men in uniform (women/nonbinary I will consider).
  • Westerns.
  • Time travel.
  • Mermaids and pirates.
  • Romances based on musicians or actors or famous people.
  • Picture books and chapter books.
  • Plots revolving around cheating/infidelity.
  • Memoirs or biographies.
  • Novellas, short story collections, poetry collections/verse, or screenplays.