Wish List


I am always looking for stories by underrepresented creators. All POC, LGBTQ+/QUILTBAG, neurodiverse, body diverse, and disabled creators are highly encouraged to query me.

Adult: romance, horror, light fantasy, historical fantasy, and speculative fiction

I don’t want epic fantasy or sci-fi at this time. I’d like to see more ADDIE LARUE, HOUSE IN THE CERULEAN SEA, and SUMMER SONS.

I’m not looking for genre romance, but romance within fantasy, historical, horror, or upmarket fiction. I love books by Casey Mcquiston and TJ Klune!

Young Adult: fantasy, contemporary, romance

At this time, I will be very selective and ask for funny, upbeat YA. In addition, I might request other YA books from pitch events, but my preference is light-hearted YA.

The exception to this is if you have YA horror. I’m really into horror right now and would love to see more of it.

Middle-Grade: only graphic novels at this time

I’m only looking for author-illustrators in the MG space. I might request other MG during a pitch event, but I’ll be very selective.

Author-illustrators: I’m open to MG and YA creators of all genres. 

More specifically, I’m looking for:

  • YA romcoms! All of them! 
  • Give me anything that has to do with games or puzzles. Like HUNGER GAMES, INHERITANCE GAMES, or TRULY DEVIOUS.
  • Horror RomCom! Horror Romance! I want to laugh and have some gore. I want to swoon. I want it all.
  • Campy/funny horror in general
  • Horror with a game element like Squid Game, Ready or Not, etc.
  • I’m always here for morally gray characters!!
  • YA firsts!! First kiss, getting your driver’s license, best friend breakups, etc.
  • Unique YA interests like bird watching, homeschooling, 4H and raising goats (like I did!), chess matches, etc.
  • Fat rep in roles where their weight isn’t the plot device
  • Sibling and best friend stories
  • MG with a tarot theme or astrology theme (YA too if it’s a romcom or horror)

Tl;dr: speculative, horror, romcom, morally gray characters, games and puzzles. And make it gay.