Welcome Jupiter Wyse!

I’m excited to introduce my new client, Jupiter Wyse!

Jupiter wrote the book I’ve been looking for since before NINTH HOUSE was popular. I’ve always had an obsession with secret societies, boarding schools, haunted churches, and dark fiction. RIDERS ON THE STORM was all of that and more.

I requested the full on RIDERS, but Jupiter surprised me by also sending me a sample of the romance horror they were also working on. I instantly fell in love within the first chapter. My absolute favorite trope is childhood friends to enemies to lovers, and Jupiter’s horror has taken that trope to the extreme. I can’t wait for everyone to read it.

You’ll love RIDERS if you like:

  • Apocalyptic murder
  • Secret societies
  • The four horsemen
  • Disaster queer teens and their complicated emotions
  • Haunted churches
  • Latinx representation

Jupiter Wyse (They/He) writes Queer Romance, Horror and Speculative Fiction. Intrigued with spiritualism and the occult, they’re easily tempted into long-winded discussions about demonology, witchcraft, and ritualism, and they can never turn down a hot cup of tea.